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Most popular months for weddings

Every year millions of people walk down the aisle and begin the start of their new lives together as couples. December is one of the more popular months in which to get engaged, but other months of the year are more popular for weddings.

The decision on when to get married depends on a host of factors. Some couples choose the date based on availability with a church or reception hall, while others might prefer to walk down the aisle during a specific season. Some couples choose to coordinate their wedding with a special event, such as a birthday or another day of note.

Most couples decide on a wedding month primarily for the weather. That's why the spring and summer are the most popular times of the year in which to tie the knot. Here is a list of the most popular months to tie the knot.

1. June

2. August

3. May

4. July

5. September

6. October

7. December

8. November

9. April

10. February

11. March

12. January

Less popular months for weddings may be easier to book in terms of availability, and certain vendors may discount items because of a slower season. Having a wedding during this time can be advantageous if money is tight.